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Welcome to the KSI Learning & Psychology Centre in Bogota

We are a unique team of bilingual specialists who work together to help students from all schools overcome a learning and or emotional difficulty at our dedicated support centre. We are located in the heart of Bogota and welcome enquires from individual parents and schools who are seeking support services. The centre is skilled to service schools across Colombia that require guidance in the areas of Bilingual Education, Differentiation, Inclusion, Counselling Programs and Learning Disabilities.

Tuesday 6 June 2017 - Good Parenting and Optimal Learning Workshop, Panama City

The Learning & Psychology Centre will be holding its first workshop in Panama City, themed ‘Good parenting and optimal learning: A winning formula for your child’. 

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Conferencias "Los retos de criar hijos felices en el Siglo XXI"

17th February 2018 KSI Learning & Psychology Centre / KSI Centro de Aprendizaje y Psicología invita todos nuestros padres de familia y amigos al Tour de Conferencias de nuestra directora Annie de Acevedo, “Los retos de criar hijos felices en el Siglo...

Good Parenting & Optimal Learning Workshop in Panama City

25th May 2017   The Learning & Psychology Centre will be hosting its first workshop in Panama City, Panama on Tuesday 6th June 2017. The workshop will be presented by Annie de Acevedo, renowned Colombian child and family psychologist and author of...

The Science Behind Mistakes

22nd March 2016 Telling students they need to take advantage of the feedback they get isn’t just good advice — it’s established science. In the last few decades, researchers have discovered a lot about how people become experts. The main idea,...

Fast Forword Star Student!

30th September 2015 Karla is an English language learner with a proficient speaking level. Her native language is Spanish. She is a 3rd grade student who completed Fast ForWord Language V2 and Reading level 1 in 8 weeks! Her initial assessment placed her at a 2nd grade...

Book Launch Event of Dr Annie de Acevedo's New Book

23rd April 2015 Todos invitados al lanzamiento del nuevo libro de la Dra. Annie de Acevedo;¨El secreto de los buenos padres¨ Viernes, Mayo 1, 4pm, Salón Alvaro Cepeda Samudio Corferias, Bogotá. You are all invited to the launch of Dr. Annie de Acevedo’s...

Readiness Programme - Happy Parents

30th March 2015 ¨Estamos felices! Pasó en Los Nogales y en el CNG. Gracias a Uds. pues ese refuerzo fue clave!¨ ¨Nos mandaron un email esta mañana contándonos que fue aceptada, gracias por todo!¨ ¨Lo aceptaron en Los Nogales y en el Anglo Colombiano....

Penguin Random House Colombia Video

11th March 2015 Penguin Random House Colombia feature an interview with Annie de Acevedo about our Centre! 

Grief at the death of a pet

11th March 2015 Annie Acevedo gives us directions to handle grief at the death of our pet.

A unique team of specialists come together in Bogota

15th July 2013 The KSI Learning & Psychology Centre brings together a unique team of specialists in the field of child psychology to provide therapies and support for children with learning and/or emotional difficulties. Most prominently the team is led by...

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