Language Switcher

About Us

The KSI Learning and Psychology Centre is a service for the community providing learning services to students and schools through a separate, dedicated centre. It is an added support centre for parents looking for additional help for their children and an outsourced resource for these schools to provide their students with the learning support they require.

We are a unique team of bilingual specialists in the country, who work together to help students from all schools overcome a learning and or emotional difficulty.

We strongly believe that psychological well-being is as important as physical. We invite you to engage with our team of highly training specialists including:

  • Clinical and Educational Psychologists
  • Testers
  • Learning Specialists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Language  and Speech Therapists 
  • English as a Second Language  Specialists
Our Services Include:

Evaluations: Psych educational, Academic, Speech & Language, Occupational Therapy, Sensory Integration

Interventions: Psychotherapy, Academic Support, Occupational Therapy & Sensory Motor Integration, Speech & Language Therapy, English as a  Second Language, Readiness, Spanish Support, Social Skills Development, Homework Support, Executive Functions Development for High School and College Students

School Consultancy: On Bilingual Education, Differentiation, Inclusion, Counselling Programs and Learning Disabilities

Conferences: Psychological and Educational topics