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Conferences and Staff Training

We have a portfolio of topics to support the development of knowledge and understanding of learning differences and child psychological within the parent and educator community.

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Examples of conferences include:


A lecture to support parents with discipline techniques

  • A clear definition of what is discipline. 
  • Results of recent research indicating that discipline should be positive or democratic.
  • The concept of punishment.
  • Negative consequences of punishment.
  • A deep look at the reasons why there is bad behaviour.
  • Searching for solutions together and how this is important to allow space for the child to participate in the search for the solution of the misbehaviour.
  • Using “time-out” and loss of privileges as a consequence of negative behaviour.
  • Learning not to label a child with their negative behaviour.
  • The importance of creating a climate which is free of judgement but that of understanding.  
  • Meetings in the classroom, another alternative to achieve positive discipline

Providing information to families and teachers supporting children with learning difficulties

  • Definition - What are and are not learning difficulties.
  • Increasing understanding and awareness to different types of learning difficulties
  • Techniques for supporting children with learning difficulties
  • Providing support for learning difficulties in the classroom.