Language Switcher


Once a child has been through the evaluation process at the learning centre the team work with the school and/or parent of the child to develop an intervention therapy based on the assessment findings.  The centre will develop a support plan that helps children strengthen their abilities, confidence and develop strategies to overcome their individual challenges.

21-day Intensive Programmes

We believe in regular entry into the brain. The brain reacts very well when interventions are done in a regular manner, as well as in an intense manner. All of our interventions begin with a 21-day intensive modality.

Specifically, the 21- day Intensive Programme allows the student to have two 45-minute sessions for 21 consecutive days for each specific therapeutic need that was determined in the student’s intervention programme.


The 21- day Intensive Programme:


  • Supports “whole brain“ processing by making the two sides of the brain work well together to synchronize functions on each side.
  • Connects the back and front of the brain enabling problem solving, critical thinking, attention and focus
  • Improves brain connections by using neuroplasticity, the brain’s innate ability to re wire itself based on intensive stimulation
  • Challenges with fun and stimulating activities that incorporate brain functions from the lowest to the highest levels of the brain to optimize and maximize learning potentials
  • Reassures through personal growth and self-esteem building
  • Multi-Tasking is developed by combining exercises that improve balance, visual skills, motor coordination, rhythm, attention, listening, language, thinking and memory
  • Social-Emotional skills are fostered and nurtured in every intervention.

We aim to increase the individual’s sense of  own well-being, using  a range of techniques based on experiential relationship building, dialogue, communication and behavior change that are designed to improve the mental health of a person, or to improve group relationships.

Excecutive functions remediation

We support the strengthening or development of executive functions; mental processes responsible for directing thoughts, actions and emotions during active problem-solving. These skills are directed to select appropriate goals for a specific task , plan and organise strategies to solve problems, initiate a plan, mental planning , flexibility, etc. They also have a close relationship in controlling emotional responses.

Social Skills Development

This intervention aims to support children to navigate in social and learning contexts, reinforcing interpersonal skills. Interpersonal skills refer to the ability to perform competently in social situations, including interacting positively with others, cooperating, sharing, and respecting.

Educational Remediation

We support students who are having academic difficulties or who have special needs by designing a specific plan of educational strategies which will allow the students to cope with regular academic demands.

Occupational Therapy & Sensory Motor Integration

We develop sensory motor integration, functional motor output and adequate perceptual responses of students who present immaturity and deficits in these skills.  Sensory integration is the basis for further enhancement of critical thinking skills, memory and general cognition.

Speech & Language Therapy

 We diagnose and treat students who present speech, language, cognitive, communication and other related disorders. We implement individual programs according to their needs.

English as a Second Language

This programme provides support to those students who want to improve their proficiency in English, in speaking, reading and writing.


Every child grows, develops, and learns at a different rate. Your child may already be successful with some skills and may need more time to develop others. The key is to give your child plenty of opportunities to practice and learn these skills by interacting naturally with learning specialists.  This is specially designed for children who desire to begin the formal schooling in the best possible manner.

Spanish Support

The purpose of this intervention is to help Spanish speaking children who have difficulties learning how to read and write, or who need more time and specific interventions in this process.

Homework Support

We make your child’s homework assignments go smoothly by ensuring homework assistance and providing effective strategies.