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Success Stories

Story 1

A second year med student came to us because she had been having episodes of extreme anxiety when taking exams and therefore was about to fail the semester. Her psychotherapy process was established to intervene and break this cycle.  Through hypnotic relaxation, breathing techniques, neuro-linguistic programming and giving her clear ideas about her learning style, this girl began to blossom out of anxiety. Now, she comes back only to visit and say ¨thank you again because I am now anxiety free and doing well in my exams.¨ She says her process was wonderful and life changing for her and her knowledge of herself. Not only has her academic life improved, but also her relationship with her parents and her boyfriend are no longer suffering the negative impact of her past increased anxiety.  

Story 2 

A 14 year-old girl from a very good school in Bogotá, she was very anxious and had suffered bullying from her peers. Through her psychotherapy process she re-built her self-confidence and gained the right social abilities. Through role-playing and hypnotic relaxation, she became a new person, enjoying her new friends in school and enjoying her new self, being able to show the world that she was a brave and valuable person. It took only four sessions to bring her anxiety down and for her to recover the light she had lost.