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Annie de Acevedo,
Director of The Learning & Psychology Centre

Annie de Acevedo is a prominent and well known child and family psychologist, with 45 years of experience in schools dealing with students with learning and emotional difficulties.  She has previously worked at Colegio Nueva Granada as the Director of Student Services, and oversaw the Learning Centre and counselling programs.  Annie is an author of 8 books on parenting, learning, the brain and bullying.  She has a monthly column at the main national newspaper (El Tiempo) and hosts a weekly advice section on National TV.  Annie is a renown international speaker on Learning and the Brain, Learning Problems, Parenting, Happiness and Bullying. This year, she was awarded the highest honour given by the Colombian government in the field of education- the Simon Bolivar Medal.

Claudia Nigrinis,
Academic Director

Claudia has 35 years of experience in working with language students from various backgrounds.  She is a highly-qualified educational leader, with a post-graduate degree in Educational Leadership, as well as a Master's Degree in Global Education, from Lehigh University. Her post-graduate studies in Special Education were undertaken at Johns Hopkins and Harvard University, and she has a BA in Early Childhood Education, from Universidad de La Sabana. 

Claudia has previously worked as a consultant for Bilingual Schools in the very early formation stages and was also a Summer Camps Coordinator.  For 25 years, she was based at the Colegio Nueva Granada as a pre-kinder and kinder teacher, and was the Coordinator of the Inclusion and Read to Succeed Programs. Claudia has previously delivered classes on the topic of Differentiated Instruction at the Teaching Training Institute of Universidad Colombo Americana, ÚNICA and at the Universidad Del Rosario and also presents on educational topics at conferences.