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The Learning & Psychology Centre
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Alliance Programme.

The Learning & Psychology Centre invites you to join our Alliance Programme


Through an alliance with each school, LPC sends it´s qualified staff to the institutional campus. Our therapists offer the services of Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy, their services are tailored and designed to fill each of our students needs.

The Learning and Psychology Centre (LPC) delivers a service to the student community, involving their families and teachers. Our specialized services are tailored towards each individual and designed around each of the student’s needs. Our centre is located in Bogotá and is led by respected child and family psychologist Annie de Acevedo.

The team is comprised of highly-skilled professionals from a variety of backgrounds including Clinical and Educational Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Language and Speech Therapists and Special Education Teachers.

Annie has 45 years of experience in schools, specialising in learning and behavioural/emotional difficulties. She has written 9 books on parenting, bullying and learning issues. She has a monthly column in the national newspaper El Tiempo and also has a weekly advice section on National TV.

Programme Benefits
  • Special fees to educational institutions with a current alliance with us
  • Exclusive subscription to LPC articles and newsletters
  • Exclusive use of LPC member schools logo on your website
  • Priority scheduling LPC services for children
How to reach us and be part of our Alliance Programme?

1.    Fill out the Enquiry Form or contact the LPC staff to confirm interest
2.   Our staff will contact you 
3.   LPC will develop an appointment with your institution to coordinate the details of such alliance. 

Note: To maintain membership you need to ensure that some students are receiving services from LPC.